Monday, 4 February 2013

Electrician In Johannesburg Joins Green Initiative

Electrician in Johannesburg has joined the "green campaign" and has said that they will be encouraging their customers to conserve electricity and using more efficient energy sources.

Speaking at the "green campaign" launch, management said that "the green initiative is key for the future of Johannesburg, the country and the whole world.

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Electrician In Johannesburg Hotlines

Electrician in Johannesburg announced their new hotlines as 0110246649 and 0742208542.

In the bid to increase accessibility, Electrician in Johannesburg has freed up the two lines for incoming calls only. This will mean that the issue of finding the hotlines busy when you are trying to lodge an emergency call will be a thing of the past.

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New Electrician In Johannesburg Site Up

Electrician In Johannesburg recently launched their new website available at

Speaking after the launch, management were upbeat and said that the new website was in line with the business's promise to stay ahead of the industry in all ways.

The business technology experts said that the internet was becoming an important platform for their customers to access them, and the new site came with features such as online appointments and social media integration.